The Thrive Inspired living Network is currently being created to inspire and empower each member of the community to embrace change and to realize their own creative potential and journey in establishing and transforming community into one of abundance, compassion and hope for the future.

This website will document People, Spaces, Places and Events that celebrate our relationship to each other, to the creatures around us, the plants which sustain us, the lands on which we live and the universe which we are all part of.

The project will Promote conservation of our natural environment and take direct action to get people involved in restoration of our damaged ecosystems.

Through promotion of a culture of mutual support, empathy, recognising our strengths in unity and diversity, we endevour to inspire each to be a bridge of hopefulness and play a part in the transformation and realisation of a joyful, thriving society, contributing to the raising of human consciousness to the next level of our evolution.

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